A Harp About Warp


As someone who has both carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel in both hands along with rheumatoid arthritis, I have a harp about warp…

But the harp is not what you think. I could bitch about the time it takes, but if you don’t warp you don’t weave. And there’s no way to cut down on the time it takes unless you don’t want a tight, even warp which will affect the woven fabric… I could harp on my “disabilities” and how much more difficult these alternate abilities make warping (and weaving). I am choosing to do neither.

Blessed and Less Stressed

You see, although I live in constant pain I refuse to live the rest of my life looking through a wishing glass. I wish I could do this, and I wish I could do that. I can do whatever I set my mind to – it just may take me a bit longer than most. Avoiding doing things I love because it intensifies the pain is a cop out (for me). I will be in pain whether I sit still and simply breathe or if I do things I love. I choose Love…

Wallowing in the pain doesn’t make it go away. It is a pathway for the chronic pain to win. And I don’t like losing… I will not let my circumstances stop me – from weaving or doing anything else. My post on Weaving at Warp Speed details how warping is also meditative for me. And that’s my goal: sitting in the stillness and quietness, deep in thought about those things deep within.

It’s About Creating

As a Certified Intentional Creativity Teacher, Coach, and Guide, the goal is creativity. #ArtHeals I am a firm believer – so much so that I show women how to add creativity to their personal medicine baskets. If I deny myself the joy of creating, I only intensify the pain. Both physical and mental… Hell – my doctors what me walking and exercising daily, saying that this will help alleviate the pain. So while I may not walk every day (I know, I know…), I do work with my hands and arms daily. And because sitting at the loom for extended periods can cause neck, shoulder and back pain, that means I’m on the move more often. I get up and move around, stretch, and ensure I’m doing the best I can for the physical body I have been given.

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